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July 20, 21
  Deep Work
Concentration is an increasingly valuable skill
  關鍵就在 高度專注力
  by Elizabeth Sunshine


People tend to think that productivity involves doing several things at once, but according to Cal Newport, the secret to success is the opposite of multitasking. Newport is the author of Deep Work, a book that describes the benefits of focusing on one thing and doing it with excellence.

Newport defines deep work as “the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task.” It’s the opposite of shallow work, which is made up of simple tasks that are usually performed while distracted.

According to Newport, deep work is an invaluable skill in today’s economy. It allows you to learn difficult things quickly and produce at a high level. Most people are distracted when they work, so if you learn to work without distraction, that gives you an advantage. Deep work enables you to produce to the best of your ability and acquire new skills quickly. Developing excellence in one’s craft can be a deeply satisfying endeavor. But deep work itself is also a skill, which means the more time you spend at it, the easier it gets. Moreover, if you only work at a shallow level, your ability to do deep work diminishes.


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