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January 8, 9
Give your eyes a break from that screen
  by Gabriel Harbour


Let’s face it – you’re attached to your phone. You use it to communicate, play games and surf the Internet. But there’s a great way to make your smartphone a life-enriching device without hurting your eyes. Check out the world of podcasts.

  Think of podcasts as YouTube channels for listeners that you can download to your phone. What’s so exciting about that? Well, you can find a lot of amazing shows! Whatever you find that catches your attention, one thing is sure – listening inspires the imagination. Because you can only listen to a show and not see it, you have to pay more attention. Therefore, your imagination has the potential to become stronger and more vivid as a result!

  Podcasts allow you to experience the world from various angles. Take America’s NPR and Britain’s BBC, for example. Both have produced several podcasts. By listening to them, you can learn to appreciate cultural or linguistic distinctions. Choose what you like. In the end it’s your device – you get to decide who influences you!


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