Sample Lesson
Health Myths
Joshua Bickle

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  Dr. Anna Day is on Rob’s show! She is talking about health* myths. She wants people to have good health and good information*. First, she talks about eggs*. People often think eggs are not healthy. But they are good for you. Drinking water is a good habit*. However*, you do not have to drink eight glasses a day. If you exercise*, you can drink more.


Conversation A

(in the studio)

Rob:     Welcome to the show, Dr. Day!

Anna:    Thank you, Rob. Today I want to talk about health* myths.

Rob:     Do you mean popular beliefs that aren’t true?

Anna:    Exactly. You need good information*, so you can have good health!

Rob:     I am glad you are here! What myth will you talk about first?

Anna:    Let’s start with eggs*. Eggs are good for you!


Conversation B

Rob:     Aren’t eggs bad for your heart? Some people say that.

Anna:    That is not true. Eggs are good for you.

Rob:     OK. I have a question. Do I need to drink eight glasses of water a day?

Anna:    Drinking water is a good habit*. However*, you do not need to drink that much every day.

Rob:     What if I exercise* a lot?

Anna:    Then you should drink more water.



  1. 1. What does Dr. Day want to talk about?

2. Do you know a health myth? What is it?

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