Sample Lesson
Thank Your Mom!
Linda M. Chung

  Your mother does many things for you daily. You can thank her on Mother’s Day. You can give her a gift. Flowers are the usual gift. But your gift can be different. Make it special. Instead of flowers, give her seeds. Then she can grow her own flowers. She can plant them in a garden or in a pot. She can enjoy them for a long time.


Conversation A

(in the studio)

Tina:     Mother’s Day is this weekend.

Alex:     I know.

Tina:     What are you giving your mom?

Alex:     I’m giving her a nice gift. What about you?

Tina:     I’m giving my mom something special.

Alex:     What is it?

Tina:     My mom likes flowers. So I’m giving her flower seeds.

Alex:     Hmm. That isn’t a usual Mother’s Day gift.

Tina:     I know. But it’s nice.


Conversation B

Alex:     She can plant the seeds in a pot. She can enjoy the flowers daily.

Tina:     Yes!

Alex:     That’s a different gift. It’s nice.

Tina:     Thanks! So what are you doing for your mom?

Alex:     I’m taking her out to lunch.

Tina:     How? Isn’t she in Taiwan?

Alex:     Yes. I’m sending my brother some money. He’s taking her out to lunch!



  1. What is Tina giving her mom?

  2. What do you give your mom for Mother’s Day?

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