Studio Classroom (intermediate/ high English level)
Studio Classroom has been the most popular English teaching magazine in Taiwan since 1962. With Doris Brougham, a teacher for more than forty years, as the chief editor, the content of the magazine is practical and down-to-earth.

The lively teaching, which has been praised by English lovers, was once awarded the Best English Teaching Program in Asia, and won the Golden Tripod Award for the language-learning category in 2003 (Studio Classroom is the only magazine to be honored with both the Golden Bell Award and the Golden Tripod Award). Besides broadcasting, multi-media teaching through television and the Internet enables students to learn without the limits of time and place. There are currently Studio Classroom teaching programs on the air in Mainland China, America, Canada and Europe.
  • Content:News and fads, technological advances, outdoor activities, career, health, celebrity profiles, American lifestyle and short stories.
  • Suitable readers:High school graduates and those who pass the intermediate/intermediate-high level of the GEPT
  • Volume of circulation:210,000 copies
  • Broadcasting:On the air on public and private radio stations from Monday to Saturday
  • Television teaching programs:On the air on Good TV, some public welfare channels in Taichung and Tainan, Taipei City municipal TV stations, and Chunghwa Telecom MOD service.
  • Supplementary materials:
Super CD-ROM:
The Super CD-ROM includes recordings of all the month's audio content, including daily radio programs, audio recordings of each article, plus educational video clips. You can adjust the playback speed of these recordings and set them to loop over different segments. You can also take Cloze tests, listening tests and GEPT practice tests. You can even record yourself repeating after the CD-ROM and the computer will help correct your pronunciation. Some issues also include clips from popular movies and other interactive lessons. The Super CD-ROM is sure to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities!
Audio CD:
課文朗讀CD試聽 Audio CD: The monthly audio CD reads through every article once, which helps you pick up vocabulary quickly.
Suggested Retail Price:
  • Magazine:NT$140 per issue, or NT$1,680 for a one-year subscription.
  • A magazine with an MP3, Audio CD, or Monthly CD-ROM:NT$240 per set, or NT$2,880 for a one-year subscription.
  • Audio CD, Daily MP3, or Monthly CD-ROM:NT$100 per CD-ROM, or NT$1,200 for a one-year subscription
  • 6 Month Compilation:Half a year's worth of magazines + 6 Super CD-ROMs, or 6 Audio CDs. NT$990 per set