First published in 2001 and awarded the Golden Tripod award in 2004, Advanced is not only an English learning magazine but also a magazine filled with unique knowledge to help businesspeople broaden their horizons. Articles within are carefully chosen with particular care by the founder Dr. Brougham and teachers working at Studio Classroom. The magazine enables you to listen in on conversations with leaders from all walks of life. The target readers of Advanced are:
  • Businesspeople.
  • People who are preparing for Special Examinations or TOEFL.
  • Gifted students.
Advanced is your best choice for further studies after you master Studio Classroom .
  • Content: International affairs, technology, finance, newsmakers, travel, art, and all other kinds of general-interest articles
  • Suitable readers: College students and above, those who have passed the intermediate-high GEPT level
  • Monthly circulation: 80,000
  • Broadcasting: On the air on public and private radio stations from Monday to Saturday
  • Supplementary materials:
Super CD-ROM:
The Super CD-ROM includes recordings of all the month's audio content, including daily radio programs, audio recordings of each article, plus educational video clips. You can adjust the playback speed of these recordings and set them to loop over different segments. You can also take Cloze tests, listening tests and GEPT practice tests. You can even record yourself repeating after the CD-ROM and the computer will help correct your pronunciation. Some issues also include clips from popular movies and other interactive lessons. The Super CD-ROM is sure to improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities!
Suggested Retail Price:
  • Magazine: NT$140 per issue, or NT$1,680 for a one-year subscription
  • A magazine with MP3: NT$240 per set, or NT$2,880 for a one-year subscription
  • MP3 Daily: NT$100 per CD-ROM, or NT$1,200 for a one-year subscription
  • 6 Month Compilation: Half a year's worth of magazines + 6 MP3s or 6 CDs. NT$990 per set